Frequently Asked Questions

What is Futsal?

Futsal is the official FIFA and UEFA version of indoor soccer and indeed the only internationally recognised small sided game. The word “Futsal” comes from the Portuguese phrase “futebol de salao” or the Spanish, “futbol de sala” which basically means indoor football. The main feature of the game is the ball which is a size 4 slightly weighted leather ball with restricted bounce. Futsal uses a special low bounce ball, which encourages players to develop skills instead of using the balls bounce to propel it. Why not give futsal a go? With several centres around Melbourne there’s plenty of opportunity for you to get involved!

How Do I Enter a Team?

Click on the Contact Us link or simply email us at or call 0433 000 444. We will advise you whether your league of choice has a vacancy in order for you to enter a team. (Vacancies are normally advertised on our homepage at Nonetheless, we’ll do our best to get you involved.

How Much Does it Cost to Enter a Team?

All listed costs are ‘team costs’, not individual player costs – i.e. amounts are divided by a team.


The redeemable bond fee is a match fee ‘in advance’ and payment amount is REDEEMABLE subject to the conditions within the Rules of Competition at The redeemable bond fee is required in order to manage/prevent forfeits.


* A team must submit a Registration Form by their second match in a competition season to avoid a fee. Any team that fails to lodge a Registration Form by their second match in a competition season will be liable for a $50.00 administration fee. Online submission is available along with paper-based forms at your competition night. Avoid the fee, ensure you submit players details in a timely manner.

What Payment Options are Available?

Cash or online transfer (please contact us in advance if you wish to use an Internet banking option – conditions do apply).

Are The Competitions Open To All Ages?

To participate in the Men’s, Women’s and Mixed leagues, all members must be at least 16 years of age. If you have a player that you wish to get involved (under 16 years of age) please contact us beforehand.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Futsal?

People who play futsal sharpen their reflexes and improve their decision-making under pressure.
With a 4 second restart rule, small playing area and unlimited substitutions the game offers fast non-stop action and significantly increases a players speed of play, and playing within an area bounded by a touch line all around the court, further encourages players to keep the ball in play instead of relying on walls, as often used in other versions of indoor soccer – i.e. ‘off the nets’.

Does The Standard Vary Between Each Competition And Night?

Yes, the standard of play varies throughout each competition and competition category. Please email us for specific information regarding your league of choice.

I Have Never Played Futsal Before, Do You Have To Be Soccer-Skilled To Play?

No, all levels are welcome to join a competition. We encourage first-timers!

Can I Join On My Own Or Do I Need To Enter With A Team?

Team entries often result in a quicker entry into a competition, however we will always do our best to get individual applicants involved. Email us if you’re interested as our League Administrator’s can speak to teams at your venue of choice at upcoming games.

How Many Players On A Futsal Team?

10 players are permitted in a match. However, on court, only 5 players are permitted at any one time with four players and a goalkeeper. In a Mixed league there must be a balance of at least 2 females and 2 males on court at all times.

Do You Play Off The Nets/Wall In Futsal?

No, futsal is played with ‘outs’ on a futsal/basketball court.

I Registered My Team Last Season For A League, Do I Need To Register Again In A New Season?

Yes, at the commencement of each season a new registration form must be completed. All player details need to be submitted in a prompt manner.

What Is The Duration Of A Season In A Futsal Super 5'S League?

In most cases, all leagues will have a minimum of 14 weeks plus a 2-week Finals Series. However, as a general rule, most leagues will have a duration of 18-20 weeks plus a 2-week Finals Series.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements For The Finals Series?

All players competing in the Finals Series must have participated in a minimum of five (5) season games during the season (note: this condition may be altered should a season’s length be less than 14 weeks duration). If you’re heading into a Finals Series and unsure regarding a player’s eligibility, please contact us immediately. Do not wait until the kick-off time. Game sheets are checked! Teams may be disqualified for using ineligible players.

We're currently playing in a Futsal Super 5's league and have our final coming up. We are returning in the new season, but can we use our bond?

In short, the answer is no as the bond is to be automatically rolled-over into the new season.

How Many Referees Are Allocated Per Game?

There shall be one referee appointed per match. The match referee is responsible for all events on and surrounding a court between the end of one game and the start of another.

Can My Team Choose Their Game Times Once We Enter A League?

As a general rule, no. In fairness to all teams, we always look to have an even spread. However, team’s can request certain time slots (e.g. only games between 6:00pm-8:00pm) however we cannot guarantee all requests will be granted and it will depend on several circumstances. Not all teams like playing the earliest/latest games of the night however we do our best to accommodate all team’s requests. Any requests MUST be submitted via email no less than 2 weeks before a season commences.

Is There A Christmas/New Year Break?

Yes, all leagues have a break at least three days before Christmas and re-commence by mid January the following year.

Are Games Held On Public Holidays?

No. Furthermore, as a bonus we often avoid matches on the night before a public holiday.

Do Teams Need To Provide Scorers For Their Games?

No. Our League Administrator’s and League Referee’s take care of all scoring responsibilities.

What Do I Do If My Team Has To Forfeit A Game?

In the first instance you should contact Futsal Super 5′s on 0433 000 444. If you are unable to reach us please leave a message or email us at (please ensure you state your name, your team name, your contact number and competition). Forfeit fees do apply (i.e. the bond is used). If you’re short on players you can of course bring in fill-in/emergency players (excluding Finals Series matches), however please see our Rules section for more information regarding forfeit losses, fill-in players and bonds.

What Equipment Is Required To Play Futsal?

*Shin pads
*Long socks (that cover shin pads)
*Non-marking sole shoes/runners
*Matching team shirt (this will depend on your team)
*Any coloured shorts
*Pants are permitted, however not advisable.

Do We Need Matching Team Shirts? Where Can We Buy Matching Team Shirts From?

We kindly request that all teams organise themselves with matching coloured shirts with numbers (note: the goalkeeper is permitted to wear a non-matching coloured shirt). Please visit our Rules section for more information. Wearing matching shirts not only helps identify your team, it looks professional and helps with team unity.

As for purchasing shirts, please feel free to contact us as we can point you in the right direction in order to find a suitable retailer.

Do Players Have To Wear Shin Pads?

Yes, shin pads are compulsory in all competitions in line with FIFA rulings.

What Happens If Their Is A Clash Of Strip/Uniform? Specifically, What Happens If Two teams Play Against Each Other Have The Same Colored Uniform For An Upcoming Game?

In the above instance bibs are provided and the League Administrator will provide bibs to the team which is named second on the fixture. For example: if the fixture states 1 v 2 – team 2 would wear the bibs if there is a clash. Teams do of course have an option of having an alternate strip, however it’s not always practical or feasible.

I Would Like To Enter A Team Into A Competition However My Venue And Night Of Choice Is Not Listed On The Current Vacancies Column. What Can I Do? Can I Still Submit An Application? Is There A Waiting List?

If the current vacancies listed are not quite what you’re looking for, you can reserve an ordered spot on one of our many other league waiting lists. Please click on the Contact Us link and fill out all details. We will then advise you what number you are ranked along with other information such as season duration and conclusion dates.

What Happens If I Or A Team Member Are Given A Red Card During The Course Of Play, Interval Or After A Match?

As per rules of competition, red cards impose an automatic one (1) match suspension, in addition to any other suspension imposed by Futsal Super 5′s whereby a harsher penalty may be considered, depending on the offence. Any such suspension and any additional match suspension shall apply to the next/subsequent match involving the player’s team.

The imposition of the mandatory one (1) match suspension is immediate and effective regardless of whether or not a disciplinary notice from Futsal Super 5′s was received by a team captain/delegate. Therefore, if a player receives a red card in any given fixture, the player must miss the next official fixture that their team is participating in.

Note: Futsal Super 5′s reserves the right to review or confirm any suspensions. Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

Are Futsal Super 5's Referees Qualified?

Absolutely. All matches are covered by qualified referees with each referee having successfully completed courses through Football Federation Victoria (or through the Victorian Futsal Association in the 90s!). Additionally, we have developed our own infrastructure for training and qualifying referees as well as being responsible for their on-going education regarding the Laws of the Game.

Do Futsal Super 5's Hire Out Their Courts Or Facilities?

The answer is no, as we are restricted by contractual arrangements with each facility provider. Therefore, we encourage you to contact your local community recreation centre regarding court/facility hire. (Please note, if you’re looking to host a tournament, championship or special event we may be able to assist you. Please email us at with details).